Friday, July 9, 2010


We often come across expert Drivers who are mentally preoccupied while driving the car and plunge in to problems. In fact, driving a car or bike is a pleasant experience if we do it with cool mind. Many celebrities go for a ride late at night and enjoy.
 Sachin Tendulkar enjoys a drive on the early morning Road for a change. But we are targeting Busy roads as we drive to workplace more often. We are sure we know that we are crazy of going ahead ignoring the vehicles already nearing each other especially when there is no Traffic control. This "lack of control" I mean self discipline causes negative situation to both parties. All of us thinks that the other man is wrong.But we habitually act nicely when there is a pressure from the external controller(Tr.Police) Needless to say that we do not care our internal controller(positive mind) who tells us smoothly (observe & recollect).
                             OK, keep all this saved in the proper file and let's go for practical tips. Let's think that we are to move in to a CHANNELIZED ROAD & turn to the other Lane. It's a Good idea to look at through your shoulder and check, if any other vehicle is comming behind(and also the traffic ahead). Give INDICATOR well in advance. Look for obstqacles from a distance and turn your way calmly.
                            Move on a CENTRAL LANE for going straight and move to respective lane for SIDE TURNS, but always much in advance using the Indicator. LEFT SIDE LANE on a '4 LANE ROAD is for SLOW MOVING VEHICLES SAYS AP TRAFFIC. While negotiating JUNCTIONS & TURNINGS let's be prepared well in advance with the FOOT OFF from the acceloerator change to LOWER GEAR & keep in touch with the brake peddle. DO NOT DEPEND ON LAST MINUTE DECESION.
                            There are also busy roads away fron city limits where traffic signals may not be present near the junctions.These areas needs extra CARE AS THE TRAFFIC COMES from both side of minor roads. Better observe from a distance slow down & move. Give way to others already present.
                            There may be CURVES tells you to slow down shiftto lower gear and 'stay on your own side' and do not cut to right side hurriedly. ROAD CROSSING(highly sensitive) Give Indicator move to appropriate lane before 5 meters distance from the Junction. BLIND SPOTS(most dangerous) Neither us nor the mirror can see these places.Hence let's halt and see propeerly and move. REVERSING(needs skill) Again we can't see everything behind usin mirror. Exercise extra caution. Let's look at the reverse path before we move, preferably on Driver side. Now reversing from minor road in to Main road is very Risky.                                                               OVERTAKING(needs wisdom) Exercise descrimination.Observe carefully and think twice. Avoid overtaking near Bends Corners Hills etc., Don't overtake if thr road ahead is not visible. Remember to wait for the Signal from the driver ahead of you & also find ot ifany vehicle has already started overtaking behind you. PARKING(slow poison) Watch for 'No parking Zone' ROAD CROSSING UPHILL FOOTPATH BUS STOP SCHOOL BUSY ROAD WRONG SIDE etc.,Also it's too bad to park just in front of car already parked. GENERAL INFO(salt to taste) We are aware we do not like to cross the STOPLINE on Road junction Zeebra crossing when STOP SIGNAL is on. Keep adequate distance from the vehicle ahead of you & escape collision if he applies brake.
                             Strictly follw traffic rules.KIeep all recods in tact relating your car & you. Be cand areful with AUTO DRIVER who turs his Wheel left & right suddenly & fastly.KEEP DISTANCE FROM HIM. we all knows very well that Driving after having Chilled Beer is not Carfriendly and also what about Cell Phone? F A S T DRIVING(Young men's choice) It's really uncontrollable on a busy road if there is an Emergency. Even on a "not so busy road" what happens if a Pet comes across suddenly? It's late for the office? Let's start early & reach in Time. But we forgot the Horn. Yes Let's take right choice in blowing the horn for Road crossing Pedestrians and the Bikers who are badly in need of its sound. FINAL TOUCH(useful tip) Relaxing the mind and body allows us to remember precautions at right time.(needs practice).                                                                                                                                Now it's time to say Goodbye guys, I heartily welcom your valuble comments and inputs and thank you very much.